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  • Mango Chunks

    • Mango Chunks
    • Weight: 1.25 lb Bag
    • Farmer’s Own was created to honor the legacy of Antonio “Toño” Colón, a hard-working farmer who dedicated decades of his life to excellence in agriculture. From the selection of the perfect seeds, to delivery of top-notch products, his passion and attention to detail ensured freshness and quality.
    • Farmer’s Own is the legacy of a long heritage of farmers with strong belief in freshness and quality. From the selection of the best seeds to packaging, Farmer’s Own pays attention to every detail to guarantee the finest natural product.

    About Mango 

    • When one thinks tropical fruit, Mango will always come to mind. Mango is a tasty fruit synonymous with tropical flavor and culture. In some parts of the world, the mango is called the “king of fruits.”
    • Mango is magical. It provides a variety of health benefits, it is high in antioxidants, boosts immunity, and may support heart health and lowers cholesterol.
    • Farmer’s Own provides fresh Mango Chunks, which can provide many ways to eat mango, whether using them for smoothies or eating them straight out of the package.