When you compare a Sweet Potato with a regular White Potato you may not notice a big difference, but when looking deep into both, you realize that Sweet Potatoes offer more flavor and less calories, while offering the same amount of fiber. When looking at the main differences: Sweet potatoes offer a lot more Vitamin A and Vitamin C than regular potatoes.

When it comes to Carbohydrates, they are both high since they are considered starchy foods, so most of their calories como from carbohydrate content. A 100g serving of each contains the same amount of carbohydrates: 21g. It is good to mention that both are almost fat free.

If we compare the fiber, they offer the same amount of fiber per serving. Fiber is an essential nutrient lacking in the American diet, notes the American Dietetic Association. Fiber improves bowel movements, aids in hunger control and lowers blood cholesterol levels. Adult women need between 25 g of fiber a day, and adult men need 30 g a day.

In terms of minerals, the regular potato has more Potassium and Iron that the sweet potato.

In the end, it all comes down to taste and your personal preference, but in direct comparison, the Sweet Potato offers more benefits than the regular potato, so may consider adding more of it to your diet, in replacement of using regular white potatoes.

A direct comparison:

Sweet Potato

White Potato

Calories 103 Calories 161
Vitamin A  21909 IU Vitamin A 17 IU
Potassium 542 mg Potassium 926 mg
Vitamin C  22.3 mg Vitamin C 16.6 mg
Iron .79 mg Iron  1.87 mg
Magnesium 31 mg Magnesium 48 mg
Fiber 3.8 gm Fiber 3.8 gm